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Robert Glen is probably best known for his magnificent sculpture of the Mustangs, situated just outside Dallas, Texas.

They are not only one of the largest equestrian sculptures in the world, but in 2012 they were voted to be the best public sculpture in the world!

His ability to capture the essence and  movement of his animal sculptures is due to his lifelong study of anatomy, and his insistence on working from live subjects and not from photographs. 

Rob was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. His life has been filled with adventures in the African wilderness. 

He has lived and worked in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, for the past 26 years.




In September 2019 Rob was honoured to be awarded the prestigious Rungius Medal.

 It is presented from time to time by the National Museum of Wildlife Art of America to individuals who have made a lifetime of extraordinary contributions to the artistic interpretation and preservation of wildlife and its habitat. 

Symbolised by a beautiful, specially designed gold medal.

 The Rungius Medal is the National Museum of Wildlife Art of America’s highest honor. 


Robert is deeply grateful to Tanzania National Parks, for recognizing the role that art plays in the conservation arena.


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