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Works In Progress - See the 'available bronze' page for the finished versions. 

These examples are of my latest works recently completed.

February 2022 -My latest pieces are finally at the foundry in Italy after a long absence due to Covid restrictions.  It gives me great pleasure to be able to  be with my sculptures as they are all in progress and will be ready by the end of March. 

Lioness and impala model before casting
Close shave

This piece has now been cast  and is available ....

This is the only copy that will ever be cast

It is called a 'One Off'.

This will be the only one available in the world. 

I love the energy involved in a chase. Both animals working at optimum levels of both precision and fitness. Lions often miss their prey. The impala is leaping away, every cell of his body is pumping with adrenaline, in that instant the lioness knows she is thwarted and the chase is over. 

Cheetahs on the look out
Cheetahs on a mound. Feb 2022 JPG.JPG
'Agitated' Bull  elephant
Agitated elephant

Cheetahs sometimes stay together if they are all brothers.  These boys are on a slight mound and have seen a possible meal! 

I never tire of sculpting elephants, this bull is agitating due to a disturbance.

wax model
Wild dogs

I wanted to show this pair, a male and female dog who are alert and ready for action. Wild dogs are amazing creatures, fast and precise and working as a team they are incredible to watch.

This is the clay model before casting

wax model
Impala leaping 

I have always been enthused by the range of movement Impalas go through when leaping. In this bronze I show a single male in the final stage of landing after a leap through the air, so as to isolate the magnificence of their grace.

wax model
Impala trotting

Male impalas are a great source of inspiration for me, I love their elegant clean lines, their bodies ripple with every movement which is a something I find captivating.

wax model
Four impala leaping

This is perhaps one of the most elegant of all animals, I never tire of watching them run.  In this piece I try to capture their graceful movement. This is the clay model before casting

wax model
Running Ostrich 

On a recent trip to another area of Ruaha National Park I was inspired by an elegant group of ostrich interacting together. This is the result of this encounter.

Cheetah head sketch L17.5cm x H34cm x W15cm.jpg
Cheetah head - sketch

My sketch of a cheetah head  now cast in bronze

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