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Commissioned bronzes

These are a collection of some of the private commisions Rob has done,  life-size, larger than life or slightly smaller than life-size.


This is a  half life-size sculpture of the famous race horse 'Thunder Gulch' who won the Kentucky Derby in 1995.


It was a private commission.

Red-tailed Hawk

This American Red-tailed hawk, is 35% larger than life.  This was a private commission by a client in Texas. 

Lioness chasing impala

This life-size bronze was inspired by something I watched and shows a lioness, trying to catch an impala, in this case the impala was lucky and got away. 


This bronze is in private collections.



Abakuna Gumundi

The late Abakuna, was a man I knew personally, who had hunted many elephants with his bow in times gone by. I spent 10 days at his home, on the Kenya coast, in order to research this piece. He was a man I admired, it was a privilege to spend time with him and to learn of his amazing bush experiences.



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